AGM opened by Michael, with a short speech about our great year of volleyball


  • First was a position of the Club Captain: Michael re-elected
  • Saskia elected as VCC
  • Craig elected for the position of Men’s 1st Team Captain.  Talked about his dream of our teams to be more united
  • Arthur, who was unfortunately absent, has been elected as Men’s 1st vice captain
  • Wilf was next one, running for Men’s 2ns Captain. We voted first, but speech was still demanded by the majority. He mentioned his 3 main points from manifesto

Election Speeches:

Position of Ladies’ 2nd Team captain


  • volleyball started as a hobby, but developed and became a full on commitment!
  • Main points – participation – good team, socialising more, generally extremely passionate about volleyball


  • those who don’t know her are unfortunate people, but not anymore.
  • Wants to make sure the team next year is more determined and confident
  • concentration on the performance, also passionate, a bit competitive, but that never hurts
  • Team spirit to be maintained

Vote: Thara 31 (captain) & Anita 27 (vice captain)

Arthur finally showed up and gave us a short speech about prospects as Men’s 1st VC

Position of Treasurer


  • little description of herself
  • She said she would like to be a treasurer because she is good with money and was voted for by everyone

Position of Social Secretaries


  • has enjoyed socials so much
  • said that Bunker was the best club


  • second year psychology – lots of time.
  • Wants to have more casual socials – similar to Come Dine with Me social


  • sociable, in 3rd team,
  • has got experience as she was chair of youth council – good social sec skills.
  • Would maybe like to introduce a different club than bunker

Vote: Barbara 50, India 36, Chet 26

Congratulations to our new Social Secs Barbara and India

Position of PR & Comms

Abi Wooden:

  • Would love to be part of the committee, but is going on placement and so would like to be able to do her role remotely – great option

Position of Outreach Officer


  • Overseas student
  • Wants to get people involved in extra activities

Position of Competition Officer


  • Get more people involved, promote volleyball club even further.

Michael almost forgot about our lovely Ladies’ 1sts Captains, but thanks to Saskia, our new Vice Club Captain (already fulfilling her responsibilities): Shatha – with a lot of other nicknames (Captain) and Casey (VC).

No one applied for Kit Sec – Oscar gave short description

  • No one still wants it, but new year, new people! Decided that Kit Sec along with Mixed 3rd Team Captains will be elected in 2017/18 (Alicia van den Abeele later agreed to do the position)

Little break for people to have more drinks.

21:57 (meant to be 21:55 – we are so good with timing)


Ladies 1st Coaches – Rob and Chris

  • Rob thanked Abi and Mike – absolutely beautiful year, no one would argue.
  • Achievements this year were incredible, made Rob proud.
  • Praise for Ladies 1st Team

           6/12 BDVA

           9/10 BUCS

  • Quote from Lorenzo – Satisfaction lies in the attainment

Ladies’ 1st Team Captain – Lorena

  • Best year, and the last one in uni.
  • Thanking everyone in the club for making our club so incredible.
  • Special thanks to Captains, Chris and Rob, Ladies’ 1st players. Thanks to Lorenzo.


MVP – Patti – (many many many good qualities were mentioned by Lorena, definitely deserved)

(Yaaay Anna – Ladies’ 2nd coach showed up!)

Men’s 1st Coach – Tim

  • Our club is special
  • Amazing season
  • 3 teams to cup, 3 teams top of league
  • Have been with club 3 years, has seen how it improves.
  • Men’s 1st team won the league 3 years in a row and won the Cup – an incredible achievement
  • Phenomenal season, phenomenal team!

Pointed out few players


Most improved – Matt (amazing middle), Craig

Awarded to – Michael Wilsher

MVP – Paolo, Oscar

Awarded to – Chris Sherfield

Men’s 1st Team Captain – Chris

  • Big thanks to each Men’s 1st player
  • Mentioned Matteo – reminded Tim of how he said he’d dye his hair blond if they won the league – let’s make it a tradition, gave Tim a special present of blonde hair dye


MVP (Players’ player) – Matt

Ladies’ 2nd Coach – Anna

  • Losing voice, but still on stage!
  • Thanking Tim for introducing her to the club – life changing
  • Big challenge, 30 girls on the first training – nothing she couldn’t and improvisation was key
  • Big thanks to all the girls – Won the league, 2nd in Cup finals
  • Next goal – top of BDVA league
  • Thanks to Abi and Michael, Maria and Beccy.
  • Said that being a volleyball player is not only to score, but to keep the spirit.


MVP – Beccy  

Ladies’ 2nd Team Captain – Maria

  • She doesn’t have a dream, because her dream already came true.
  • Won all BUCS games

Mentioned players before announcing MVP

  • Bo, Dasha S, Julie – the hardest hitter
  • Antilia – the loudest
  • Bryony – final year, still came to trainings!
  • Thara and Anita – more committed than anyone


MVP – Beccy

  • Beccy’s speech (Ladies’ 2nd VC): Humongous thank you to Anna – she took us to the top!

Men’s 2nd Team Coaches – Chris and Rob

  • The most entertaining!
  • They won the last game of the season – great come back
  • Finished 4th in BUCS league
  • Great commitment, great taste for improvement, what more would you want from the team as a coach.


Ralph – a huge character throughout years

Felipe – always ready to take any responsibilities

Wilf – BDVA, 8 serves in a row, no one as surprised as himself

Kenji – officially the most eligible bachelor of the club

Dom – perfect captain, master of fb post quotes, always turned up to every game


Most improved – Mitch

MVP – Joseph

Players’ player – Kenji

Mixed 3rd Coaches – John and Abi

  • Thanked Maurycy, Barbara and Kit, and mentioned the tremendous spirit of the team.
  • Third team is just as integral to the club, showing great support and turnout to all events.


Most improved – Holly

Most improved (informal) – Davide

MVP – Jessy: Went to Bath to watch 1sts game

MVP – Maurycy

Players’ Player – Barbara

Running short on time – no time for speeches from Maurycy and Barbara: Third Team Captains, but we are sure they have a lot to say!


Best dance move – Clara

Best motivational speech – Chet

Line judge of the year – Mikey

Best server – Lorena

You are in the wrong sport – Kit

Best couple – Patti and Sylvia

Alumni of the year – Rob (who would doubt that)


– 146 members

– Christmas and Ignition: showed how close we are as a club

– 157 BUCS points – woop!


  • Thanks to all students on their year abroad
  • Beccy and Karoline going into placement year,
  • Thanks for those who are graduating!