UOBVC Committee Meeting Minutes 20th September

Committee Meeting

Present: Michael, Saskia, Barbara, Anita, Marina, Holly, Wilf, Craig, Arthur, India, Julie, Chet, Abi


  • Motion suggested that we have separate committee meetings e.g. for only captains so that we can use the time more efficiently. Voted a good suggestion but need to check the rules for passing motions
  • Celly to join committee as Alumni rep. Alicia potentially no more as kit rep.
  • Presentation of men’s 2nd BDVA medals
  • Reminder of new club structure: for BDVA entry we will enter 1 mens and 2 womens teams.
  • We now have coaches for every team for training but only matches coached will be for first teams. Tim Clifford has resigned. Continuity on coaching might be tough on the weekends for B/C teams but will aim to maintain it as much as possible. All training is at SEH.
  • All captains should have a meeting with their teams (when decided) to tell players what is expected of them. S&C and Motiv8 are now compulsory for all teams. S&C will require a full gym pass (£20 a month) and will be BUCS 1st team (1st 12 players).
  • Financials: keep membership fees as it was last year (a-75, b/c-60, development- 40)
  • Still unsure about sponsorship….we have potential connections via Alex
  • Michael has designed new kit….he will send it through later as a rough idea. Idea is for tshirts and sweatshirts/hoodies. We have to wait until we know about our potential sponsorship. Think estimated time would be November for the order. We have to do a bulk order.
  • Sponsorship: think about Brass pig, Gravity and Mbargo for social sponsorship.
  • Socials:

– Start planning family socials i.e. finding parents. Move the social earlier

– White tshirt social

  • Refereeing course on October 1st
  • We need to sort out rebates for people who refereed from last year
  • Aim to host own referee course later in term
  • Remind Michael to look at rules for BUCS referees for Women’s 1st prem matches and whether we need to get external refs
  • BUCS matches start 11th October
  • Plans for BIG WEDNESDAY to go ahead.
  • Bristol Spikers asked to help out at after school club and we’ve been asked to help. Requirement to be CRB checked (uni can help do it for free). Bristol Spikers train on Sundays and we should help. Suggestion that each week, one team has to volunteer 2 people to help out.
  • Grant applied for from VE. We need to regularly help in schools
  • Coaching: good year to get people involved in coaching, particularly with Get Active sessions. Student leaders programme suggested
  • Set up intramural league starting in January.
  • Fresh Sport mentioned. Information will be sent later: Men’s have 2 sessions on Sunday and Women’s will have 3 (2 x1hr and 1 45min for advanced)
  • Need three mass participation events: christmas tournament, this girl can etc
  • Welcome fair: wear volleyball kit, set up friday morning, know the information on the stall, put social info up on the stall