Welcome to the University of Bristol Volleyball Club!

We are a friendly club open to players of any ability, from complete beginners to seasoned pros.

Our teams compete in BUCS as well as other local leagues and tournaments throughout the academic year.

2015/2016 – Ladies 1st’s – BUCS Western 1A Champions!
2015/2016 – Men’s 1st’s – BUCS Western 1A Champions!

We also host a number of unforgettable socials each term, giving you a chance to get to know your team members as well as everyone else in the club.


July 2019

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– BUCS –


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– NVL –

Womens Division 3 South West
Mens Division 2 South

– B&DVA –

Please visit the B&DVA website for current league and tournament standings.




– Men’s A Team –

In 2015/2016 the Men’s 1st team had an excellent season, ending it as champions of BUCS Western 1A and finishing 2nd in the local Bristol league. Having just missed out on promotion in a gruelling match against Essex university containing many England standard the team this season will aim to repeat their success within the leagues and local competitions pushing even harder for promotion. We have also entered a team into the National Volleyball League in conjunction with local volleyball club Bemi.

The squad for the Men’s 1st team is designed to be dynamic in this current year. Our volleyball club has always welcomed beginners with open arms (many 1st team players this year had never played before) and this year will be no different, with the large volume of games allowing for guaranteed game time for all squad members. Training for the Men will take place at least twice a week with our coach and will provide opportunities for everyone to stake their claim for a place in the side. All 1st team squad members will be expected to attend training every week, unless you have a worthy excuse, as well as a weekly fitness session. These are designed to improve you in all aspects of the game. As we look to play at a higher and higher level it is the smaller differences that will have the greatest impact, thus we will be pushing to create these in our training and fitness. Outside of normal training there are also many opportunities for more training which you, as a Volleyball member, can organise yourself alongside ones I will do in conjunction with our coach. These will be used for more specific training, for example only for middle blockers, in order to focus more closely than is possible in whole team training.

Being part of the Men’s 1st team however isn’t just about playing Volleyball, it’s also about meeting new people and making some of the greatest friends you’ll have at University. The team will this year not only join in with the legendary club socials but also have smaller socials for just the team, whether this be at a Student Union quiz, a takeaway night or a good old fashioned pub trip (although those often seem to escalate very quickly). I look forward to meeting you all for this exciting new season!

Christopher Sherfield, Men’s A Team

– Ladies’ A Team –

2016/2017 was the year of dreams for the Women’s 1st team. It saw us reach the BUCS Trophy finals, coming up second against Sheffield Hallam. We won the BUCS Western 1A league, sending us through to the playoffs. In the game of the season against Royal Holloway, we can now say we have been promoted and are in the Premier South League!! Now up against teams like Essex, Oxford, Cambridge and Bournemouth Universities, we are going to have to train effectively, consistently and continue with our positive frame of mind. But most importantly, we want to foster a good team spirit. (Don’t worry there are lots of socials for that!). We are also part of the BDVA league, which we came in 6th.

On top of this (you can never have enough volleyball), we will be in the National Volleyball League (NVL). This is our 2nd year taking part and acts as a great way to keep up our game time and to practise for our BUCS games. Being part of all these different leagues ensures everyone gets enough game time and keep up the pace of the season.

Because of our promotion into Premier South, we are really pushing for committed players who are looking to take training seriously and really push themselves and the team to progress. We train twice a week and have a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) session which is part of a S&C programme. Our BUCS games will be on Wednesday afternoons, NVL on Sundays and BDVA on Saturdays.

But being part of this amazing club also means amazing socials! As well as whole club socials, or even some mixed socials with other clubs, there are also be team socials. All of them let you meet lots of people and make good friends both in the club and your team. There is always someone there for support and to help with anything you may need. We want to foster good team friendships off the court that we can then shift into our games. We all can’t wait to meet and welcome all the new players!
This is going to be an incredible season – don’t miss the chance to be a part of it!

Shatha Al-Huneidi, Ladies A Team Captain

– Men’s B Team –

2015/16 saw the Men’s 2nd Team (along with the Women’s 2nd Team) compete in BUCS for the first time, with a chance to replicate the successes of both 1st teams. We also competed again in BDVA. Whilst the lack of game time was often frustrating in the previous season, 2 matches a week was a welcome challenge. It meant we could give more people a chance to play and gain valuable match experience. Because of this, we go into the new season with a wealth of experience and a large squad.

Although our results did not quite match those of the first team, we showed just as much team spirit and determination. Often up against the first teams of universities, we won 3 out of our 10 BUCS matches, and many more in BDVA, which is testament to strength in depth of our club as a whole.

This year, the team aims to add to this success. We will benefit from a more open and dynamic club structure which will allow players to jump between teams if needs be. We also hope to have a successful recruitment period after losing many key players, by making sure all new players are included in and informed about matches, training sessions and socials from the very start of the new year. To make some amazing friends is also what being in the club is all about. We benefit from being part of a large club spread over 5 teams, and there is always a wealth of socials to attend both university wide or just as a club. Whether you have played volleyball for years or want to try something new, you will always be welcome. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Dom Minton, Men’s C Team

– Ladies’ B Team –

2016/17 has been a successful and incredibly satisfying season for Women’s Second! With hard-work and perseverance, we achieved new heights as a team. While this may sound ‘cringe’ as one would say, I truly believe that in this case, ‘teamwork made the dreamwork’!

For the first time ever, the Women’s Second team placed first in the Western 2B BUCS league and battled tough competition to place silver in the finals of the BUCS Conference Cup!! As a result, we have now been promoted to the Western 1A division (exciting!), where we take over for Women’s First in competing against the likes of Bath, Cardiff, Exeter, Southampton, and Plymouth – this means loads of road trips and team-bonding! On top of inter-university games, we play in the local BDVA league around Bristol because we can’t get enough of volleyball (clearly).

Both Anita, my fantastic Vice-Captain, and I are looking forward to repeating last season’s success in this new 2017/18 season. We hope to recruit hard-working and persevering girls who are prepared to invest their time into the team. We train twice a week and have ‘Strength and Conditioning’ sessions every Monday morning (yes, it’s going to be early but we can all pull through together). Our games will be on Wednesdays (BUCS) and Saturdays (BDVA).

But fear not, we are known to have some of the most fun and inventive socials! We also host events ranging from ‘Come Dine with Volleyball’, team dinners, inter-Club socials, and volleyball family nights. These are not to be missed!

Joining our team would mean that you’ll not only have the opportunity to take part in adrenaline-pumping games, but I guarantee that you’ll create lasting friendships with fellow volleyball-enthusiasts through trainings and socials!

If this sounds like the kind of experience you want to have, don’t miss out on joining UOBVC!!!

Thara Ing, Ladies’ B Team Captain

– Third Team –

Our third team was a new addition to our rapidly growing club at the start of the 2015/16 season. It was mainly made up of complete beginners who’d never played volleyball before and met once a week to learn the basic skills and even play in a couple of friendlies across the year! We have a relaxed attitude in third team making sure everyone feels welcome and part of the club.

This year, we’ve increased our training to twice a week as well as entering into the local league to give us more matches to train towards and gain valuable match experience. We hope this will still maintain our fun loving social atmosphere at training but help us to really progress and learn the sport!

Originally called social team, our third team is renowned for being the social ones (as the name suggests). We’re all great friends and often get together weekly outside of training to have a little team bonding. Some of our highlights have been a cheese and wine night, movie nights as well as the standard pub socials before Sports Night.

We hope to see you as part of the team soon!

Maria MP & Will Springthorpe, Third Team Captains

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Men’s C Team Captain
Club Captain
Vice Club Captain
Men’s A Team Captain
Women’s A Team Captain
Women’s B Team Captain
Social Secretary
Men’s C Team Captain

Men’s C Team Captain

Man Fai Ho
2nd year Veterinary student

Hey! My name’s Man Fai and you won’t meet a (figuratively) bigger volleyball Ho than this one. As a member of the club, I have had the best time playing the sport, hitting the clubs, and travelling to Barcelona with these amazing people. As a setter on the court, I like to make sure I always set things straight with my team. And as the team captain of Men’s C squad, I am looking to be overly encouraging and positive to all you eager souls. Together we will train hard, play hard, stack up the W’s and chase down positions at the higher teams!!

Club Captain

Club Captain

Saskia Webster
2nd year Medicine student

Hi!! I’m Saskia,  Club Captain of UOBVC. My role is to do everything to do with keeping the club running, as well as making sure everyone is happy and feels supported as part of the club. I joined the club last year when I came to Bristol, and it made my first year at uni the best that it could have been!

Hopefully you’re as excited as we all are about the year ahead, and if you ever need anyone to talk to about anything (literally) please let me know – I’ll always be available

Vice Club Captain

Vice Club Captain

Davide Bernardi
3rd year Mathematics student

Hello everyone, I’m Davide and I’m the Vice Captain of the Club. I joined the Club at the beginning of my first year and, even though I had virtually zero volleyball experience, I really felt a sense of belonging from the start. That’s why I’ve decided to give something back and try to make this club even more incredible than it already is. My role is to help Saskia running the club, and also make sure everyone is happy with how the club is doing.

Men’s A Team Captain

Men’s A Team Captain

Michael Wilsher
2nd year Mathematics PhD student

Hi, I’m Michael and I have just finished my 1st year of research in my PhD.
I am the Men’s 1st team captain.
I joined the club half way through my first year (way back in 2012) and have never looked back. I want to give everyone the opportunities that I was given to be part of such an incredible club and keep the club on its incredible ascent. The men’s 1sts (finally) got promoted last year on the 3rd attempt and so will be playing their debut season in BUCS Premiership South this year. 

Along with Alex “coach” Bertie, I will be running all things men’s 1sts and hopefully leading the team to another successful year.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you over the course of what will be (as always) an incredible season!


Women’s A Team Captain

Women’s A Team Captain

Kasey Betts
3rd year Social Policy and Statistics student

Hi, I’m Kasey! I am a final year Social Policy and Statistics student! I came all the way to Bristol from Utah, USA just to be in this volleyball club! I am captain of the women’s first team this year and I can’t wait for another awesome season with everyone!

Women’s B Team Captain

Women’s B Team Captain

Nina Markovic
3rd year Physiology student

I’m Nina Markovic, captain of the women’s B team. I think winning games is only possible when there is trust. This is why having a close knit team is really important to me. It makes sense, why would you willingly want to dive headfirst towards the floor for a person you don’t even like? I try to always give the strawberry without the sugar coating. Because if I’m honest, I’d rather get the fruit and take the chance of it being sour every so often, than get diabetes along with the sweetness. (Yes, I just explained my bluntness with a made up metaphor). A good friend of mine once said: ‘life is about maximising happiness’. And I envision this year to be about all the things that make a team happy: progress, winning, losing and having fun, bonding.

Social Secretary

Social Secretary

Akash Thota
2nd year Dentistry student

Hey guys my name is Akash, I’m going into my second year of dentistry.I’m social sec this year with Wes and we’re going to make sure you have a year to remember (or you remember nuch if we do a reaaaly good job) make sure you come down to all our events we have some great themes lined up for you: from cross dressing to a disney themed kareoke night, you won’t want to miss out!!




Flavio Cannizzo
2nd year Economics student

Ciao, I’m Flavio and doing my second year in Economics. Last year I entered the club as a beginner and since then I’ve been able to improve so much thanks to the enthusiasm, motivation and reward that the club offered me. Really looking forward continuing this adventure! My role is to handle finances and make sure that all the money that go in and out of the club are controlled and safe.

Hall of Fame

Welcome to the University of Bristol Volleyball Clubs Hall of Fame! Here we pay tribute to the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the cherries on the metaphorical cake that is the Volleyball club.

Name: Robert Pennifold

Known as: Rob, Grandad, Penis-fold

Member: 2008 – 2016

Position: Outside Hitter

Bio: Rumoured to have been at the club since the dawn of time itself, Rob was arguably one of the greatest leaders to pass through its ranks. Taking up the position of Club Captain in 2013, Rob oversaw substantial growth within the club, starting the 2nd teams, a move which helped triple membership figures. On top of this Rob was witness to one of the best seasons in 2014/15 when both 1st teams won their respective leagues, a success that he played a key role in for the Men’s 1sts as starting outside hitter. A keen attendee of socials, Rob also displayed a remarkable knowledge of cheesy pop music, an attribute that remained firmly on display at every visit to Lizard Lounge. Rob’s energy and enthusiasm for Volleyball was unprecedented, and he can take full responsibility for moulding the University of Bristol Volleyball Club into the undoubted powerhouse it is today. It will take one hell of an individual to surpass his achievements as Club Captain.

Name: Celestine Weegenaar

Known as: Celly

Member: 2008 – 2015

Position: Outside Hitter/Middle/Opposite

Bio: Almost as permanent a fixture in the Volleyball club as the sport itself Celly was one of the most proactive club members to grace the halls of SEH. Playing pretty much every position on court with inevitable success, Celly was a key member of the Ladies 1sts for the entirety of her degree. Off-court Celly confirmed her love of moving around positions by, at varying points across the years, being Social Sec, Ladies Captain, HEVO Officer and now Alumni Sec. Celly was also a keen advocate of the Volleyball socials, regularly tearing up the dancefloor with her pre-choreographed routines. Celly worked hard to be the friendly face for many freshers and her enthusiasm for all aspects of the club will remain in the memories of the club for a long time.


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